Chris Coates is the President and Founder of Coates Sports Management. Coates Sports Management was founded in March of 2002. He graduated from Keene State College where he was a student athlete and a 2-time All-American basketball player. After College he pursued a professional basketball career overseas playing in Australia, France, Norway and Hungary. Mr. Coates also played in the minor leagues of the USA consisting of the XBA and the USBL. Mr. Coates created the “CSM“ company to help create exposure for other aspiring athletes to the professional world of sports. Click here to view the professional basketball profile of Mr. Coates.


Greg Linton is the direct contacting representitive for the women’s pro exposure camp. Mr. Linton became an affiliate of Coates Sports in 2005. He is a WNBA/NFL certified representitive who also has many contacts through-out Europe and Asia. Greg attended the University of Kentucky where he earned a scholarship in his junior year to play football and was also the University of Kentucky’s women’s basketball team manager. He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a duel minor in business administration and sports management. His background in finance allows him to help his clients fully prepare for their professional careers even after their playing days are over.  


Debora Zoli is the direct contacting representative for the men’s pro exposure camp. Debora her company and consulting firm in 2007. Her offices are located in Italy. She has been helping players play professionally for the past 5 years and is considered a top player manager. Her specialization is in basketball and soccer.